Evecase Black with Red Strip Pouch Nylon Case + Mini Tripod Stand for Olympus Cameras

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Package Include:

1 x Mini Tripod Stand- Black

1 x Evecase Large Digital Camera Pouch Nylon Case with Strap- Black

Camera not included.

Also Compatible with:


TG-830 iHS, TG-820 iHS, TG-810, TG-630 iHS, TG-620 iHS, TG-610, TG-320, TG-310, TG-3 iHS, TG-2 iHS, TG-1 iHS,

SP-100, SH-1, SH-50 iHS, SZ-11, SZ-12, SZ-15, SZ-16 iHS, SZ-31MR iHS, XZ-2 iHS, VR-350, VR-340, VG-160, E-P3,

Stylus Tough 8010, Stylus Tough 6020, Stylus Tough 3000, Stylus Tough 8000, Stylus Tough 6000, Stylus 1050 SW, Stylus 1030 SW, Stylus 850 SW, Stylus 790 SW,

FE-320, FE-310, FE-300, FE-290, FE-280, FE-270, FE-250, FE-240, FE-230, FE-220, FE-210, FE-200, FE-190, FE-180, FE-170, FE-140, FE-130

Evecase Large Digital Camera Pouch Nylon Case with Strap- Black

Detachable carrying strap.

Inside pocket for SD memory card and Battery.

inner size: W x L x H : 3.25in x 2.0in x 5.25in.

Camera not included.

Mini Tripod Stand- Black

The metal legs provide solid support.

Lightweight and portable, easy to store.

Solid and Stable.

An ideal companion for night shots during travel.

Can be used for group photos.

Perfect for photographers on the run.

Accessory only, camera is not included.

Suitable for all kind of camera, digital cameras, web cameras and camcorders.

Brand new Evecase's case.

The mini tripod legs are made in metal,can be blended and adjustable.

Closed cell foam padding for great protection.

Accessory only, camera is not included.

Rugged nylon materials , convenient belt loop.

Product Information

Item Model / Model No.:Olympus TG-630 iHS TG-830 iHS TG-620 iHS

Shipping Weight:1 pounds