OP/TECH USA 0910312 S.O.S.-Curve Strap for bags, briefcases and luggage- neoprene (Nature)

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The S.O.S. Strap Saves On Shoulders with its unique internal control-stretch system and tailored design that effectively distributes weight and absorbs shock of movement. It's the perfect strap for heavy bags and cases. The metal swivel snap hooks secure the strap to most bags and cases; however, they can be easily removed if the 1.5-Inch (38.1mm) webbing is the preferred connection option. It is now available in three versions. The S.O.S. Strap has 2.75-Inch by 11-Inch neoprene pad with non-skid surface and 1.5-Inch metal swivel hooks and webbing. The S.O.S. Curve Strap is the same as the S.O.S. Strap except that it has a slight curve to the neoprene pad allowing the strap to rest more securely on the shoulder. The Mini S.O.S. Strap has a slightly smaller neoprene pad (2.25-Inch by 10-Inch) with non-skid surface and uses 1-Inch webbing with metal swivel hooks. The Mini S.O.S. Strap does not come in the color Nature.

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