DURAGADGET Durable Black Camera Case for Olympus Stylus XZ-2, Olympus VR-310, TG-810, SZ-20 & TG-620, Panasonic TZ36 DMC-TZ36EG-K

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Introducing DURAGADGET's new rigid EVA zip pouch for your expensive digital camera. With a soft, felt lining and durable EVA outer shell, this case provides maximum protection for your device. The executive looking case features a sturdy dual zip-closure to the main compartment, lending extra security and ensuring your camera is kept dust and scratch free.

Equipped with a handy mini carabiner, you can easily keep your device close by when you leave your car or house, providing added versatility and choice in the transportation of your device.

An inner elasticised strap will keep your expensive camera firmly in place.

Water and shock resistant EVA material to give you peace of mind about the safety and security of your device.

Inner memory card pockets and netted storage pocket within the main compartment allows for the option of keeping your accessories close by at all times.This sleek EVA case is finished in classic black, so you can transport your camera in style. Compatible with: Olympus SP-700, µ [mju:] 1000, µ [mju:] 1200, µ [mju:] 300, µ [mju:] 400, µ [mju:] 410, µ [mju:] 500, µ [mju:] 600, µ [mju:] 700, µ [mju:] 720SW, µ [mju:] 725 SW, µ [mju:] 730, µ [mju:] 740, µ [mju:] 750, µ [mju:] 760, µ [mju:] 770 SW, µ [mju:] 780, µ [mju:] 800, µ [mju:] 810, µ [mju:] 820, µ [mju:] 830, µ [mju:]-mini, µ [mju:]-mini S, µ [mju:]1010, µ [mju:]1020, µ [mju:]1030 SW, µ [mju:]1040, µ [mju:]1050 SW, µ [mju:] 1060, µ [mju:]790 SW 'Tough', µ [mju:]840, µ [mju:]850 SW, µ [mju:]TOUGH-6000, µ [mju:]TOUGH-6010, µ [mju:]TOUGH-8000, µ [mju:]-5000, µ [mju:]-5010, µ [mju:]-550 WP, µ [mju:]-7000, µ [mju:]-7010, µ [mju:]-7030, µ [mju:]-7040, µ [mju:]-9000, µ [mju:]-9010, AZ-2 ZOOM, IR-300, IR-500, VR-310, TG-810, VG-130, µ [mju:]TOUGH-8010.

Soft felt lining will keep your device dust free, while the durable rigid EVA outer provides maximum protection from the elements

Strong dual zip closure offers extra security for the protection of your camera

High quality, compact black EVA hard case for the ultimate protection of your expensive camera

Elasticised internal velcro strap to keep your expensive camera firmly in place

Includes a netted storage compartment, memory card holder and carabiner belt clip

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Shipping Weight:2.1 ounces